Izdihar Afyouni

Izdihar Afyouni is a Palestinian multidisciplinary artist and independent curator with a background in academic figurative drawing. She works with painting, sculpture, video and immersive theatre/performance. Her work is concerned with political notions of the body and is often site-specific and research-based.  She is the creator and curator of the ongoing research project and exhibition series THICKER THAN BLOOD. She also works collaboratively with other artists and academics.

Jailhouse Mentality - A movement meditation on masochism, mercy and reconciling rage and desire.

Krisha Bejal

Krisha Bejal is a footwear architect and conceptual designer who implements traditional craftsmanship with new and innovative construction techniques. An eighth generation shoemaker, Krisha studied Textile Design at Chelsea University of Art and Design, and shoemaking at the prestigious Cordwainers College at the London College of Fashion. Krisha Bejal was awarded the 2015 Dato Jimmy Choo Award for the most Innovative Final Footwear Collection. Her work has been exhibited at the Art of Dress World Tour in Italy and featured in Idol Magazine, Virtual Shoe Museum, W Magazine, and Spindle Magazine.

She is also the Graphic Designer of Thinking Flesh.

Kat Hudson

Kat Hudson is a London-based contemporary surrealist artist and independent curator. A strong advocate for feminist issues and LGBTQIA+ rights, Kat has curated exhibitions, writes, and creates artworks about being queer and femme on the London gay scene. Alongside this Kat co-founded popular East London queer femme club night and art collective Femmetopia with Phoebe Patey-Ferguson at VFD and DJs in queer spaces across the city.

Elisabeth Buchet-Deák

Elisabeth Buchet-Deák is a French-American writer and sculptor based in Lyon. Her main focuses revolve around the transformation, the relationship between creativity and the unconscious, the body, space, ecology, subjectivity, and the varied ways in which they intersect. She holds a BA in Communication, Criticism and Curation from Central Saint Martins College and is a member of Collectif Convergence.

Nicole Goodwin

Nicole Goodwin is a single-mother, writer/poet/performance artist living and working in NYC. Her work Ain't I a Woman (?/!) is a body performance project centering around "big" Black woman body-presence and existence, "taking up space" in wanted and unwanted areas. Credits: Victor Bautista for filming Ain't I a Woman (?/!) at Emerge NYC 2017 and Flash O'Boy for Ain’t I a Woman (?/!): Painted Lady collaboration with Nicole Goodwin

Liberty Antonia Sadler

Liberty Antonia works with mediums of drawing, text and moving image to explore issues of 21st century body politics, with a focus on the experience of living in a large ‘femme’ body in a ‘photo-shopped’ world. She uses character and playfulness to discuss themes of food, queerness, body dysmorphia, vulnerability and sexuality. Nibbles is a collection three ‘bite-size’ films by Liberty Antonia Sadler exploring the relationship between food, diet culture and fatness. ArtDomme is a performance-painting work exploring the relationship between anger and desire in a soft body through mark-making with rage, lust and vulnerability.

In the studio with Liberty Antonia Sadler by Maggie Kuzan / 12th December 2018

Lizzie Masterton

Lizzie Masterton is an artist based in London, working within the realms of ASMR, kink and ritual. Her practice is concerned with queer sensuality, ruptured embodiment and the power dynamics of intimacy.  Queer Rage Fire Child is an activated performance score, that explores the gut feelings of shame, rage, and desire - particularly shame in response to sexuality, identity and the realm of flesh. Textual excerpts and intimate, confessional spoken word are interwoven with looped commands, in a confrontational performance that allows the audience to reflect on their own ‘shameful’ desires.

Miriam Poletti

Miriam Poletti is a multimedia artist living and working in Milan, Italy. She explores topics of identity, feminism, intimacy and vulnerability, using her body as the main instrument to investigate the world. Lonely Girl Phenomenology takes deliberate inspiration from Chris Kraus' novel 'I love Dick'. Mass culture has transformed romantic love into one of the most pervasive mythologies of contemporary life, associating it with personal happiness, so the interest of this work is to analyse the gap between what society drives us to desire and the true desire of the Other, and how to cope with this desire when we cannot satisfy it.

Olivia Sparrow

Olivia Sparrow is a working class, queer, agender artist, facilitator and sex worker who predominantly works in text, performance and photography. Thematically, their work is typically centred around queer and marginalised sexualities, trauma, memory and space, often exploring how each of these subjects are connected.


The expectation on the Domme to be strong and in control is one that takes its toll over the space of an hour or two or three when the mask starts to slip because underneath it underneath it there is the reality of a nondescript body one that shouldn’t be seen one that isn’t paid to be viewed yes you deserve to be punished but what about me?

Johanna Tagada

Johanna Tagada (b. 1990, Strasbourg - France) is a painter and interdisciplinary artist based in London. Until 2010 she studied Fine Arts and Textile Design at Haute école des arts du Rhin. Following her studies she assisted artists Ming Wong and Yoshitomo Nara for selected projects. Johanna Tagada’s practice composed of painting, drawing, installation, sculpture, film, photography and writing, often conceals ecological messages, rendered in soft and delicate methods. In 2014 she founded the positive and collaborative project Poetic Pastel in order to help restore respect for and appreciation of nature.

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