Thinking Flesh. To think about flesh is to think what we are made of. It is to return agency back into the body, to listen to gut sensation, what disturbs, revolts, arouses, irritates, harms and affects everyday experience. Unlike traditional Western philosophy, which privileges thought and knowledge over bodily sensation, Thinking Flesh follows on from the feminist phenomenological movement, championed by writers such as Iris Marion-Young and Sara Ahmed, to reveal how it is impossible to speak of experience as detached from the body, especially for women and non-binary people. Thinking Flesh as not only flesh, but everything that encompasses a living, breathing, sweating, pulsating body - the sounds, tastes, aromas, textures and feelings, the abject and the carnal, usually hidden and suppressed from society.


Maggie Kuzan is a freelance writer and curator living and working in London. Working across a variety of fields, she explores the body, gender and sexuality from a feminist phenomenological perspective. Maggie holds a Masters Degree in Gender, Media, Culture. Her work has been published in Contemporary Lynx MagazineThe Protagonist Magazine, and on her website.

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